Purpose of the ACC

It is the goal of the ACC to ensure that changes made by homeowners are consistent with the goal of retaining the beauty and home value of the properties in Morningview Ridge.  


ACC Approval Requirements

ACC approval is required for the following: repainting, significant alteration to the landscape, addition of outside structures, alterations to the home or driveway, outdoor lighting changes, or any other improvement on or to the property. 


In order to avoid potential fines or the need to redo projects, no work should commence until approval has been received in writing from the ACC. Homeowners are advised against purchasing materials prior to receiving written approval.




Applying for a Change


Before making any changes, homeowners must submit an ACC change request form along with any additional information, if necessary.  The application may be submitted online or placed in the on-site HOA mailbox located by the front entrance. Please do not submit color chips online; variations in computers make determining color shades difficult.


Responsibilities of Homeowner


All alterations to the lot must comply with the CC&Rs of Morningview Ridge HOA.


The homeowner must complete the ACC Change Request Form, and include any additional information or supporting documentation that may be required such as building permit, site map, bird’s-eye-view sketch, materials to be used, color chips, etc.


Obtaining a building permit, if necessary, is solely the responsibility of the owner of the property.


All construction or alterations approved by the ACC must be commenced within six months following the date of approval. Projects must be completed within one year of the approval date. The construction site shall be kept in a clean workmanlike order and shall not disturb adjacent lots. 


Review Criteria


The ACC will evaluate all submissions on the individual merit of the application. All projects will be reviewed first to be sure they are consistent with the CC&Rs. Since color can do much to lessen or increase the impact of the proposed structure, considerable weight will be given to this detail.


A note on paint color choices: The ACC strives to assure colors pallets are contemporary, in the style of our neighborhood, and from the same color families.

The quickest and easiest way to assure approval of your paint choices can be aided by a visit to one or more paint stores. There you will find folders of coordinated paint choices. 

It is currently customary to choose three colors: the body, the trim, and the front door.


The ACC may:

  • Determine that an application is incomplete and request additional information from the homeowner
  • Unconditionally approve the application as submitted
  • Conditionally approve the application, stating the condition(s) in writing
  • Deny approval of the application, stating the reasons for denial in writing


Appeals Process


If an application is denied, the applicant may resubmit the request to the ACC if new or additional information demonstrates its acceptability. If a resolution cannot be reached, an appeal can be made to the Board. Homeowners may present their case to the board at any board meeting provided the homeowner notifies the board of any such appeal at least 48 hours prior to the meeting. Upon hearing from the homeowner and any other concerned person, the board shall take the matter under consideration and render a decision. Such decision shall be final.