HOA Rules & Regulations


Covenants Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) - This is the governing document that

establishes the homeowner association and sets out the rules and regulations that all

members must abide by.


By-Laws - This document tells the board how to run the business of the Association 


Good Neighbor Policy - This document summarizes rules and regulations adopted by the board of directors. It augments and clarifies the CCRs.


Hillside Common Area Geo Tech Report - Guidance that describes the association's responsibility for the common area hillside below several of our properties.


Meeting Minutes


*Note: months with no 'link' = NO meeting held or the minutes have not yet been uploaded. please check back.


Board Meetings:



Jan ,  Feb , March , AprilMay , June , July , Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec 



Jan, Feb , March, April , May , June, July , Aug, Sept , Oct, Nov, Dec



Jan , Feb, March, April, May, June, July , Aug , Sept , Oct, Nov, Dec



Jan, Feb , March, April, May, June, July , Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec



Jan , Feb , March , April, May , June, July, Aug , Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec



Jan , Feb, March , April, May, June , July, Aug, Sept , Oct , Nov, Dec



Jan , Feb , March , April , May, June, July , Aug, Sept , Oct, Nov, Dec


*Older minutes available on request. Simply follow this link to complete a request form. Contact Us


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