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Homeowner's Association 


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Cloud formations over Mt Rainier


 Homeowner Association Duties

The association oversees the maintenance of common areas within the community, as well as monitoring maintenance on member properties and providing approval for member projects. The goal of the association is to maintain the neighborhood as a first-class residential development thereby assisting its members in maintaining the highest possible home values!    




Upcoming Elections

Applications for the upcoming Board of Directors member elections are being accepted. If you are interested in being on the ballot, please submit your name and a short bio to the board. Applicants must be in good standing to be eligible to run for a position on the board.  


Neighborhood Projects 

The Board of Directors has undertaken several projects this year including:

Basketball court play area

Replacing the deteriorating wood on the benches

Painting court markings in front of the bb hoop

Painting a hopscotch and four-square grids on the concrete play area


Resurfacing the border around the big toy

Adding new plants and mulch

Painting SLOW signs on the street approaching the park

Other projects

Hosting the Easter Egg Hunt and 4th of July party

Trimming the overgrown brush on the hillside east of 139th Avenue

Crack sealing the asphalt

Completing much-needed repairs to the sidewalks

Reducing the speed limit to 20 mph

Cleaning, repairing and repainting the entrance sign

Installing fences around the park and bb play area 

Still to come

Adding new plants and mulch to the entranced and bb play area

Trimming overgrown brush in the pond


Board Meeting

The next board business meeting will be held on Wednesday, Oct 15th, at 6:30 pm at the South Hill Fire Station, 17210 110th Avenue E 




2019 Summer Newsletter