Morningview Ridge HOA Board of Directors


The Association is managed by a Board of Directors, elected by the members. Elections are held annually, for two year terms. Either two or three director's terms expire every year and those seats are filled by election. Ballots are mailed to members prior to the member meeting in November. 


The board holds business meetings four or five times a year. Meeting information is posted at least seven days in advance of the meeting on the home page.   



Current Board of Directors


List Directors are elected to serve two year terms, with roughly half of the board elected each year. The board will appoint officers at the January meeting. The 2019 board members are:


President: Jim Barnett     

VP: Andy McCormick             

Secretary: Glenn Leach  

Treasurer: John Eslinger

M.A.L.: Robert Collins       


Architectural Control Committee


The Architectural Control Committee normally is staffed by three member volunteers. The board will appoint committee members at the January meeting. 

  • Emmett Brost
  • Joyce Barton
  • Michele Leach